Our Mission

“The purpose of the Pender County Arts Council shall be to recognize and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Pender County, sustain the cultural harmony of the entire area, and in so doing, enhance the quality of life and ensure increased development and diversity within the cultural community. Pender County Arts Council will operate as a county-wide resource for cultural organizations by supporting an increase in collaboration among non-profits, creating programs geared to our diverse population, sponsoring events and fostering education that will advance the cultural economic future of the area through the education and encouragement of the emerging artist.”

About the Pender County Arts Council

The PENDER COUNTY ARTS COUNCIL, a nonprofit, community arts organization was first put in motion in 1976 to celebrate the diverse cultures within our county through education and hands-on involvement in the arts. 

Workshops and classes run the gamut, from Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastels), Drawing, Illustration and Sign Painting to Puppetry (hand, shadow and flatso), Photography, Stilt Walking, Quilting, Dance (ballroom and line), Zumba and Yoga. 

Community programs span the county with Community and High School Theater, Community Band, Open Mic and Jam Sessions, Poetry Performance, Arts in the Schools Programing, Arts and Theater Camps, Festivals, Parades and an assortment of Seasonal Art Shows, Open Houses and Arts and Craft Sales. 

PCAC offers an array of educational experiences and entertainment events guaranteed to tickle the fancies and promote creative brainstorming, for the whole family, from toddlers to grandparents, from the cornfields to the oyster beds. Our county is geographically as varied as our Pender People are diverse in cultural heritage. 

Pender County Arts Council promotes the celebration of our diverse landscapes and our diverse cultural heritages. There is always an open door for anyone with a creative itch in need of scratching. 

We Live to Be Creative

A diverse and hands-on approach that makes learning and knowing art fun for anyone at any age.

Please contact us at whitesider51@hotmail.com for more info